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PostSubject: JoJoScape Client   Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:14 pm


- Working Normal Magic, Ancient magic and Lunar magics (50% was already on source)
- Working Veng, Veng other & Other lunar spells ...
- Working Login with HD And LD Clients
- Working Private Messages
- Working Trade
- 88% Shops (2 Bugs in shops (Shop Swapping and Buy-10))
- Meele, Ranged and Magic sounds when Fighting
- Lamps to gain EXP in Combat skills
- Comes with 1 minigame made by Me (Whiz`)
- Started Clan Wars
- Proper emotes for Jad , KBD , KQ and other Important NPCs
- Working NPC vs NPC area (To relax and watch them fight)
- Working PVM, PVP and MVM
- When person exits and Crashes client , 80% of the time you will go back to Varrock
- Working Mute and Unmute (Some people didn't have this working)
- 4 Quests Added by Me
- Quest cape added with Requirements of Completion of all Quests
- Quest points add up with "Quest Complete" Interface when done on a quest
- Working Prices and Alch prices on the server
- Added portals to Different areas such as KQ and KBD with Warning interfaces
- Added Inadequancy as a Hard NPC to beat
- Removed laggy train as it bugged and lagges the server
- Easy to edit shops with Added Names and Working Prices
- Some Summoning pouches will summon NPCs when Dropped/Summoned
- Added Congratulations on 99 Skill message


- Bans and Unbans now work without Resetting the Server
- Removed the Login interface and Made overall Login faster
- Added Titles and Descriptions to Shops
- Removed Non-Working Shop choices - e.g. The Buy and Sell X
- Fixed the HD and LD Compatibility error and HD now works


- Repaired HD Compatibility
- Repaired the No Opponent bug


- Added new Quest "Monks of the Monastry"
- Fixed a few login features
- Added more acurate timers for Server minigames
- 25% Server Clanwars


- Added Emote Enhancers to the server
- Finished another Quest , Totaling 6 Quests and 11 Quest Points
- Added an Anti-Flood to
- Added PublicChat replacements (If you say "join my", It will make you say something funny )


- Quests fixed (Cant get over 11 QP unless of a bug)
- New Tab from the Achievement Button to get to the Info screen
- Information added to that Tab meansioned Above
- PkPoints added to the server Which are recorded on the Info screen
- Level 163 Combat added (ADMINS ONLY) via a Special Command & Skill
- Added God, Godoff and a command that makes people lol
- Added an AFK Command
- Max Combat is 163 and Lowest Combat is 1

[UPDATE 2 02/05/09]

- Added player list to the Information tab and more stuff
- Added a command etc list from the Info tab
- The Questlist is now more Navigatable
- Fixed Quest Bugs where they were showing the wrong quest stage
- Fixed Quest text
- Started Achievement Diary in Edgeville
- Added the Information to the Action list


- Added the HelpDesk to the Server
- Made the Easter-Egg cape (Thanks Hackur )
- Added a Jail to the server
- Added the Guide to the HelpDesk
- New Quest - Darkness in the Wilderness (Uses the new Text effects)


- When you att someone with 0 rights as a npc you will turn back to normal
- Removed stats for Pring - Easy enough to add it again
- NPC that transforms you into other NPCs
- Jail on Login fixed (Jail is near the Helpdesk)
- [HELPDESK] Notice for server
- Fixed Playerlist and Added the ::Help again
- Kick command
- Person has beaten person with combat levels

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JoJoScape Client
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